People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.

Alan Moore, American Writer

Seems like the land of Punjab is acting like a fresh laboratory for experiments on the polities, where the political parties and political people are just laboratory salts and acids. 

Punjabis are doing the best experiments on the political reforms these days; I personally take it positively for the political reforms in the country. 

Sangrur by-election Results and last 3 months back result have proven that people are more active than the parties and people can lead from front and force the political parties to work for the welfare of the people and nation instead of just creating propaganda and brainwashing. 

The results may not be as per my expectations, but the experiments people are doing are mind-blowing. It at least gives a chance for the political caste to start moving in the right direction, including the one who has won this election.


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